Production of Organic Honey

Organic honey is the type of honey that does not contain chemical residues or environmental waste. Producers of organic honey, who abide by the natural life cycle during production, contribute to the natural balance of the environment by protecting the habitat of the bees and by allowing them live in natural conditions. Organic honey is a reliable product and an elixir of life that provides countless benefits.

Organic honey is produced by bees that lead a natural life. The bees also live away from any sources that may introduce chemical residues to the honey. All sections of the hives must be made of wood and organic wax produced by bees themselves. The distance between the bees and other hives used for the production of conventional honey must be larger than the maximum flight distance of the bees, and precautions must be taken to prevent them from mixing with bees used for the production of conventional honey. Honey produced organically is tested by a certification agency, which provides an analysis report showing whether it contains any residue.

In organic honey production, certification agencies determine the source of the nectar, the honey type that fits the region, and the requirements to be met during extraction, and compliance with these requirements is inspected at regular intervals. Honey production also requires care in terms of ambient conditions, packaging, and transport.