Our Story

We started a journey to produce good honey. We believe in the curative properties, high-quality and good taste of pure honey that does not contain any chemical residues and is produced from clean nature without human intervention. We strive to produce good honey by carefully selecting the hives, the natural environment and the bees, and also by employing fully natural and eco-friendly production techniques.

We make meticulous efforts to serve you the best chestnut and rhododendron honey of Hemşin, Rize and the best wildflower honey of Pülümür, Tunceli and the Aras Valley, Erzurum, using hives in fixed locations. We share the curative properties and good taste of our honey with everybody who enjoys our products.


Our hives are made of pine, and we use raw linseed oil, an entirely natural protective, instead of synthetic paint. In the beginning, we used to import wax from Italy with an organic product certificate. Now, we obtain the wax from our own bees. We chose those regions that would give us organic wax and a natural flora from which the bees can collect nectar. We chose the best regions with high nectar quality and optimum variety. Our bees collect nectar from the Azad and Ataköy highlands in Kars, the Kantarlı Village in Hemşin, Rize, and the Pülümür, Tunceli, region.

Other important criteria for high-quality honey production are the selection of bees and the drugs to be used against diseases. To prevent bee diseases such as varroa in our hives, we used natural methods and non-chemical ways of protection that do not produce any residue. As for bee type, we use a pure Caucasian race in both regions. We prefer local Black Sea bees in the natural hives we place on trees. These bees fit the natural conditions of the selected regions and are resistant to such conditions. The bees exclusively feed in the nature.


After the first honey harvest, we perform residue analyses, honey purity analyses and pollen analyses in accordance with our certification process. According to these analyses, Yerden honeys do not contain any residue and are pure.


Proper storage and packaging is as important as the production of good honey. Yerden regards storage and packaging as an integral part of the production of good honey, and accordingly meets all relevant requirements.